March 26, 2006

Broken Social Scene, World Cafe, NPR, 2 March 2006

Posted in mp3, radio session at 10:13 am by rgsc

I have come to the conclusion that I have been screwing around long
enough with Rapidshare. It looks like I am going to keep b(oot)log up
for the foreseable future so I had better get my shit together, stop
making excuses and join the big leagues. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I
have entered the world of ezarchive and so you can directly access my
mp3s without hassle. For this you can thank Casey at Mocking Music
for relentlessly badgering me and shaming me until I just couldn't take
it any more. That's right, I caved. Naturally, I am kidding – I
appreciate the kind words and links MM has provided along with their
less than subtle hints that there are other options to rapidshare.

So, for my first post, post-rapidshare, I thought I should give you something good. I hope this doesn't disappoint.

Back in the middle of February b(oot)log reader Cy asked if I might be able provide Broken Social Scene's in-studio at NPR's World Cafe.
I said I would do my best. And here it is – three songs and a really
excellent interview with Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew. It seems the
good people at NPR are somewhat prudish as "Handjobs for the Holidays"
was renamed "Something for the Holidays". Despite the G-rated new
title, this and the other two songs performed in-studio remain

Broken Social Scene, World Cafe, NPR, 2 March 2006

1) Intro & interview (Part 1).mp3 (7.84 MB)
2) Major Label Debut (Live).mp3 (3.61 MB)
3) Interview (Part 2).mp3 (2.32 MB)
4) Something [aka Handjobs] for the Holidays (Live).mp3 (3.96 MB)
5) Interview (Part 3). mp3 (2.74 MB)
6) Ibi Dreams of Pavement (Live).mp3 (3.7 MB)
7) Interview (Part 4) & Outro.mp3 (4.04 MB)

Buy Broken Social Scene's albums etc. through Arts & Crafts.

PS: I'm sorry if the layout on this post is a bit odd. WordPress
seems to be adding strange and unwanted line breaks which I can't seem
to get rid of at the moment. Bah! it also seems to be re-arranging my
text. stupid wordpress…making me look stupid.


  1. Casey said,

    Now to begin badgering you to send me money . . .

  2. Ryan said,

    first off…thanks for all the great music you post on the site. this place is my BSS connection. i have a slightly off topic question…do you have any idea where one might get his hands on Feist’s Monarch album or some tracks off it? i have “the mast”, which i dowloaded somewhere, but i can’t find anything else…any suggestions?

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Ryan – you’re most welcome.

    As for the feist… you might be out of luck, for a physical copy at least. From what I can gather only about 1000 were produced. They were still being sold at her live shows but last mention I saw about was from last year. When copies appear on ebay they go for upwarards of $50. Sometimes, I’m told, they appear in record stores. Tracks seem to appear sporadically online so your best bet (other than to hit up the people of the feist mssg board on the arts & crafts page) is to just be patient and keep your eyes open. Sooner or later you might be able to collect all the tracks.

    Sorry I can’t be more of a help on this front. I don’t think I have heard any of Monarch although I have a feeling I saw a copy somewhere once and didn;t get it. It looks like that was a mistake, eh.

  4. Casey said,

    I have the whole album, I don’t think it’s that hard to come by in mp3 form. I’ll look into it’s legal availability and if its not around for legal purchase, I can probably put it up as a limited time full album friday on Mocking.

  5. Ryan said,

    that would be awesome.

  6. rgsc said,

    That would be great Casey. I looked – itunes, puretracks, amazon, ebay, froogle, etc etc – and as far as I can tell there is no where you can get this album anymore. The only mention was on amazon but the album was listed as not available.

  7. Cy said,

    Thanks so much for this! This has truly made my day, you have no idea.

    Keep up the good posts. 🙂

  8. Casey said,

    Damn completely forgot about that – Thanks for doing the detective work for me. I’ll make sure it’s up this upcoming friday.

  9. Sean said,

    Yet another great post! Thanks again for posting all these great shows! Sorry I never replied to your comment a few weeks back, I had an issue with my settings for comments. Regardless thanks for letting me link here! Keep up the great work!

  10. Kaili said,


    I was just scanning google for anything with Broken Socail Scene or anything to do with it and I found this! I am so happy that other people are out here talking about good, maybe not well known, but good Canadian Artists, it’s so nice to see good Canadian music being shown around here! We as Canadians should be very excited about bands like this and we should talk about them and braig about them more often I love the fact that the other artists that form to mellow with this band are also being mentioed, but I see no talk about “Star” her band is good to, very mellow and addictive. It’s such a shame that many of these people can’t get their cds out there though, it’s extremely hard to find a physical copy! I was lucky enough to hear them live and in a chilled environment, and they are soo cool! They make you want to listen to REAL MUSIC and not just ordinary repetitive stuff it’s so nice! Anyway, just saying that it’s nice to see this kind of thing! Keep it up!

    -Kaili Pipes Nova Scotia Canada

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