March 23, 2006

Harmony Trowbridge – two songs from “Amoraphobe” & Kingston live date

Posted in mp3 at 1:25 pm by rgsc

I first heard of Harmony Trowbridge through Said the Gramaphone and was immediately enthralled. Her songs are deceptively simple in structure, just a guitar and a voice, but the simplicity is undercut by the fact that Trowbridge’s voice is fantastic – clear, powerful, and exceptionally lovely. Trowbridge tells stories of loss, regret and remembering. Her music is melencholic but, through the stength and beauty of her delivery, there is still a feeling of hope.

* No Photographs.mp3

* Flat Bottomed Boat.mp3

This Queen’s grad returns to Kingston to play a FREE show this Sunday, March 26 at 8pm at the Sleepless Goat (91 Princess St.). So get thee to the Goat, grab a fairtrade coffee, and prepare to be captivated.

You can get her EP, “Amoraphobe” through Festival Distribution and watch out for her full length release later in the year.


  1. Dr. Jim said,

    Very nice, mornful yet uplifting.

    Picked up the new Ben Harper (double) album yesterday. Quite a good listen, I think the first CD is better than the second, but both are Ben-Harper-licious!

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey there Jim-Jam. Good stuff, eh?

    You know, I like Harper (Ben, not Steven, just so we’re clear) but never gave him much time.
    On disc one – “The emotive howl of his vocals and the from-the-gut moans of his guitar bespeak a musician schooled in Zeppelin and Hendrix but ultimately closer to Jeff Buckley at his most frenetic. The raw, gritty production lends an appropriately in-your-face quality as well….[on disc two] Where the first disc’s songs feel full of anger and social consciousness, the vulnerable ballads occupying the second are largely wistful and romantic, operating on a more personal scale.” (the Chapters description) hmmm. sounds worth looking into. Next time we are up there you will have to put in on – Easter?

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