March 16, 2006

The Absent Sound, songs from “It’s All True” and “Music to live and die to”

Posted in mp3 at 1:46 pm by rgsc

It’s thursday and, as is becoming a habit, I thought I would leave you with a little mid-week something that isn’t a bootleg but is interesting and might have escaped your attention. Hell, most of my midweek posts conisist of stuff that I’d never heard before the day I posted about it. Take today’s example. I was listenting to my favourite radio station and on comes The Absent Sound. Intrigued, I investigated a bit and decided that they get the b(oot)log stamp of approval. Not that this will probably make a lick of difference to them but nevertheless, here it is.

Coming from Winnipeg, this group has more in common with DoMakeSayThink or Godspeed You! Black Emperor than fellow ‘peggers the Weakerthans or the Guess Who. You might even say that their ambient, atmospheric brand of post-rock is evocative of the swirling wastes of Manitoba in the winter. However, you might get punched in the neck for being a pretentious jerk if you do that, so be warned. Their music, from what i have sampled, is dreamy, swirling, and engaging. Their soundscapes are filled with riffs, samples, looped beats, and the odd blop, blip and bleep. And their live show, apparently, is more performance than concert, with choreographed dancers, projections and other goodies, so if they happen to stop by your town check them out. If I haven’t completely turned you off this band with my rambling, here is a track from their latest release “It’s All True” and three from “Music to live and die to” – which, along with their self-titled debut can be purchased through Teargas Recording Tree (all direct links).

* Chantsong.mp3
* Don’t Come Home in Pieces.mp3
* The Smooth Transition into Puberty.mp3
* Decomposition in the Key of D, Recomposition in the Key of E.mp3


  1. selsine said,

    Man, the swirling wastes of Manitoba winters are so evocative Frank Black wrote a song about it: Manitoba

    But seriously cool to see another group of peggers out and doing something.

  2. rgsc said,

    Did ya like that description? I wrote it with you in mind. Tapes ‘n Tapes (see post below) also have a a song called Manitoba – while lovely doesn’t have that “desolate wasteland” feel about it.

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