March 13, 2006

Jason Collett, The Current, MPR, 29 January 2006

Posted in mp3, radio session at 9:07 am by rgsc

WordPress’ server was down when I tried to post yesterday (and seems to be acting up again today) so my apologies for the delay. Not much to say (or time to say it) about this post. Jason Collett performed three songs on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current on January 29th (with my thanks to For the ‘Records’…again) and I have the songs plus interviews for you, so here you go. I am still using rapidshare. You know the drill.
Jason Collett, MPR: The Current, 29 January 2006

1) Feral Republic.mp3 (2.96 MB)
2) Feist, BSS, & burbs talk.mp3 (3.89 MB)
3) Hangover Days.mp3 (4.22 MB)
4) Paso Mino talk.mp3 (1.53 MB)
5) We All Lose One Another.mp3 (4.25 MB)

6) Jason Collett – MPR – (15.7 MB)


  1. Sean said,

    Awesome, thanks for this.

  2. rgsc said,

    My pleasure Sean, I’ve been meaning to add your site to my blogroll for a while so now i’ve done it. I’m digging what you are doing over at A Reminder (it seems we are into the same bands).

  3. Sean said,

    Hey thanks.

    Yeah, I’ve been on a massive Arts & Crafts kick the past couple weeks, so this was perfect.

  4. […] And finally tonight, B(oot)log has a nice little Jason Collett radio gig for you to download. […]

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