March 8, 2006

QR5 – two songs from “Pharmakon”

Posted in mp3 at 9:31 pm by rgsc

Last Friday I was having a post-workshop beverage at what just might be the best named pub, ever, in London, Ont., and a Toronto band called QR5 was playing. Unfortunatley I didn’t see their entire set, or really any of their set because we were at a table in the room beside the room they were playing, but I liked what I heard. Their music has a positive feel, very melodic with excellent arrangements, and it has a great “vibe” (man, that word sounds stupid but I can’t think of any thing else at the moment).

They describe their music as:

Acoustic-ambient folk collides with a funk and reggae rhythm section. Atmospheric lead guitar fleshes out an aggressive acoustic, while hip-hop beats and a melodic but funky bass energize the sound. On a few tracks, epic and moody organ parts alternate–evoking a dramatic film-score quality.

Here are two songs from their just released, third album “Pharmakon” (direct links):

QR5, Revisted Gone.mp3
QR5, Dreams.mp3

To listen to two songs and videos from 2004’s “Resond” can be found here and three songs from their 2005 release “There is No Path Not Taken” can be downloaded here.

They seem to be playing a few scattered dates here and there. You can see them at Metro Hall, Toronto as part of “Artists against War” on Sunday (March 12) and they will be in Kingston at the Scherzo on April 7th.  

Copies of “Pharmakon” can be found at their shows but not yet online, it seems, but you can buy “Resound” and “There is No Path Not Taken” from CDBaby.

And check out, which features colour-saturated, wonderfully framed photographs by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Maaskant.



  1. selsine said,

    That is a pretty awsome name for a pub, great in fact!

  2. rgsc said,

    I certainly think so. They get some great bands there and they have some great beer, too. (didn’t try the food so I can’t weigh in on that). If you ever happen to be in London, I suggest stopping by – i think it would be right up your alley.

  3. Chris Neiles said,

    yeah man the Alex P…is an awesome hangout…great times and great tunes!

  4. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work

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