March 5, 2006

The New Pornographers, The Docks, Toronto, 25 February 2006

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[photo by theplot, since I was “one of the poor souls way at the back” my photos turned out terrible, and for more great photos – visit Chromewaves]

Others (including Belle & Sebastian) have talked about how craptastic The Docks is as a venue and I really won’t go into except to second all that has been said before. The show was excellently reviewed by Chromewaves and For the ‘Records’, and more eloquently than I could, so I suggest you go to either/both to get a good sense of what the show was like. As for me, due to circumstances beyond my control I didn’t get to the show until the fifth song into the New Pornographers set. There was a great deal of shoving and jostling and the combination of being late, really far back and really croweded sort of soured a performance that I was really looking forward to. However, once I got settled I must say what I did see of The New Pornographers was pretty good – thankfully I am pretty tall so I actually could see the stage. Their sound wasn’t high enough, in my opinion, but I think they did put on a decent show all things considered. Ok, on to the music.

As mentioned, I didn’t get there until the end of the fifth song and it took another couple of songs to get organized, so I only was able to tape the last 2/3rds of the show. As usual, quality is far from pristine but it is what I have and would be happy to know if you have a better copy (check out NPR tommorow, March 6th at 8pm EST for NP/B&S live from Washington). Most of the banter was inaudible so I edited it out. Thanks to Suckingalemon for the set list. Everything is on rapidshare so follow the links. My apologies for not getting this up sooner. I am away from home on business and I got to a computer as soon as I could. Next weekend I won’t have the Belle & Sebastian set – I will have something just not that – but hopefully it will be ready for you all in two weeks time.

UPDATE: I have the date listed wrong in the files – the show was on the 25th, not the 24th as listed (or 28th as I had written on this post) Update #2 – the individual song links have expired but i have re-uploaded the full zip file by request..
The New Pornographers, The Docks, Toronto, 25 February 2006

1. Mass Romantic.mp3 (2.28 MB)

2. Testament to Youth in Verse.mp3 (3.55 MB)

3. Stacked Crooked.mp3 (3.67 MB)

4. The Body Says No.mp3 (3.66 MB)

5. Three or Four.mp3 (2.98)

6. The Fake Headlines.mp3 (2.31 MB)

7. It’s Only Divine Right.mp3 (3.29 MB)

8. Bones of an Idol.mp3 (2.55 MB)

9. The Slow Descent into Alcoholism.mp3 (3.59 MB)

10. Sing Me Spanish Techno.mp3 (3.81 MB)

11. The New Pornographers, The Docks – Toronto – 25 Feb 2006 (32 MB)


  1. selsine said,

    Yeah, The Docks, it has to be one of the worst venues that I have ever been to. All-in-all I wasn’t that impressed with the New Pornographers show, I’ve seen them before in a smaller club and it was great, but this show was kinda meh.

  2. Chris Neiles said,

    Awesome post man…I was wondering if you were going to post any Mp3`s from that show…and I`m glad you did…I didn`t get a chance to make it to that show, but now I can get a feel for what it was like…Did u happen to record B&S set?

  3. rgsc said,

    Mark – i would definitely like to see NP in a smaller setting – like the horseshoe the nightbefore which i somehow didn’t hear about – also with the true “allstar” line up including Dan Bejar & Neko Case.

    Chris – thanks. yup i got the B&S as well (and the sound is better than the NP). it should be up soon (not this weekend coming but next), so stay tuned. i was in your neck of the woods last weekend (for a workshop held at Western). Checked out a band called QR5 at AlexPKeatons – which, I might add, is one of the best names for a pub ever – and all in all had a good time in London.


  4. Casey said,

    Seriously, this has become such as kickass site. You could have just relied on the mp3s you were posting like it seemed was the idea initially and still been great, but the writing is consistently good too.

    Love it.

    I’ll put up a permalink so I stop forgetting to visit.

  5. Casey said,

    30 bucks US gets you a year’s worth of ezarchive. . .

  6. IcyMegaFauna said,

    Great site!

    I look forwards to reading / hearing more. Thanks for the NP!

    You don’t have any Forgotten Rebel bootlegs to post by any chance?

  7. rgsc said,

    Casey – thanks very much – this site is still finding its legs and i’m figuring out what I want it to be, but your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

    IcyMegFauna – Thanks, your welcome, and HA! I haven’t really thought about FR in ages – I lost my copy of ‘Surfin’ on Heroin’ a while back – I used to listen to them with my cousin when i was young…certainly too young for songs like “Live Strippers in Action.” Good times, though. Sadly, I have no bootlegs.

  8. IcyMegaFauna said,

    Well, thanks for the response. I know that theres a few out there but I haven’t found them yet, probably a lack of effort on my part. Thier new album is one of thier best so far, btw.

    /bookmarked your site

  9. David Ragland said,


    I’m new to the site, and you have great taste. I was wondering if there was any way I could get my hands on this show? I’d be willing to trade or somethin’


  10. rgsc said,

    Hi David – I re-uploaded the set for you.

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