February 25, 2006

John K Samson, CBC3 Studio Session/Live at the Gas Station Theatre, Winnipeg, 2002

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We have for your listening pleasure two solo performances of The Weakerthans frontman John K Samson. The first is Samson performing at the Gas Station Theater in Winnipeg Manitoba on November 15th 2002. This comes courtesy of the folks at ScheduleTwo [via For the ‘Records’] who have the video of the performance up for you to view and download to your iPods. It features an (as far as I can tell) unrealeased song called “Utilities” and three from Reconstruction Site. At the end of “Psalm for the Elk’s Lodge Last Call” he records his guitar on a series of loops which sounds pretty cool. As with the other performance, the songs are quite stripped down. The date of the second performance is unclear, but it takes place sometime before January 3rd, 2003, when it was put online as a part of the now defunct CBC3 weekly magazine thing [note: I have found out that the date was December 5th, 2002]. It is not listed on the Just Concerts page, but it can be found via the Weakerthans’ website. Again, songs from Reconstruction Site as well as “Utilities”.

You know the drill. Still on Rapidshare so click and follow. All the files from the two performances are in one zipfile at end. [Update: the individual song files have been re-uploaded]. New Pornographers and Belle & Sebastian tonight. With luck I will have some new stuff for you from that.

UPDATE: My thanks to Luke from Schedule Two who let me know that the date of the CBC performance and that the ‘Utilities’ performance can be found on the CBC Radio Sessions cd (buy it here), which is a fantastic collection of live Canadian indie music.
EVEN BETTER UPDATE: Schedule Two’s Luke kindly provided me (and by extention you) better quality mp3s of the Gas Station Theatre performance. I have updated the links and the zipfile. Thanks Luke!

Live from the Gas Station Theater in Winnipeg Manitoba on November 15th 2002

1) Utilities.mp3 (4.22MB)
2) Benediction.mp3 (2.57MB)
3) Time’s Arrows.mp3 (2.91MB)
4) Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call.mp3 (3.93 MB)

CBC Radio 3 Session, December 5, 2002

1) Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call.mp3 (2.75 MB)
2) One Great City.mp3 (2.73MB)
3) Reconstruction Site.mp3 (2.56 MB)
4) Utilities.mp3 (3.4 MB)

** John K Samson – Gas Station Theatre/CBC Session.zip (25.1 MB)



  1. graham said,

    thanks for all the great music
    utillities by john k samson form the cbc sessions
    on page
    has been deleated caused by lack of download
    do you think you could link it up again

    thanks again


  2. Ruckus said,

    Voice hasn’t changed much since propagandhi – lol. I Love these solo tracks.TY TY.

  3. Jeff said,

    First time here on your site. I am delighted to find your wonderful website online. Please visit my site too:

  4. Eric T said,

    Hey there,

  5. Eric T said,

    Hey there,
    I discovered the Weakies in 2005 and my love for them has gotten stronger with each passing day. I have been listening to all three albums all the way through nearly every night since I got an I-pizzle. They truely are the most sincere band in the universe.
    I just recently discovered Samson’s solo stuff and I am ecstatic. I thought that
    I would have to wait till next fall to here some new tracks. I’m anticipating the new album I hope its as amazing as the ones that have preceded it.

    Much Love

  6. dave said,

    utilities is by far my favorite JKS song….i hope he plays it solo at the show

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