February 15, 2006

Cool/Not So Cool

Posted in mp3, mumbling at 8:55 am by rgsc

Cool: I thought I would take a second to post a quick thanks to Frank of Chromewaves for hosting a great site which hosts great contests. For those of you who read that site (most of you, I’m sure) you most likely already know that I won his latest contest, sponsored by Zunior, an mp3 player filled with zunior songs. I have wanted a mp3 player for quite some time but have been saving up for a minidisc recoder instead. Now I can have both. My winning playlist/entry can be seen here.

Zunior is an awesome online music store/record label. There are three reasons you should forget about iTunes or eMusic or wherever else you get your music online and buy from Zunior: 1) they have a great roster of artists; 2) you can get most of the albums in mp3 or in cd-quality format; and 3) they are the only place where you can get the wonderful Jill Barber‘s first EP “A Note to Follow So” which had a very small first printing. She is fantastic, this album is fantastic – much more stripped down than her follow up “Oh Heart” (get that one too, while you are there) – and you should thank your lucky stars that you can still get your hands on it. I will be posting some Jill Barber stuff here in the not-so-distant future. Am I asskissing? Maybe a bit. I am pretty pleased to have won. You should check out the site and see if I am full of crap or not.

Not so cool: My car tangled with a guard rail after hitting some ice and came out on the losing end. My insurance rate would go up astronomically for six years (!!!) if I submitted the claim through them so I had to pay for the damage. So much for that minidisc recorder. Anyway, in honour of insurance companies everywhere (and those who have been dicked around by them) I present you:

Whitey Houston, I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual.mp3 (2.21 MB)

Whitey Houston (notice, no ‘N’ – not the coke-fiend) is cut from the same cloth as Death From Above 1979 and Lightning Bolt – they are from the “let’s see how much awesome noise we can squeeze out of two instruments” school. Stream more songs from their website and if they come by your town, check ’em out live as they put on a kick-ass show. I must admit that my insurance lady was pretty nice about things but I still am not happy about having to pay for the repairs myself. At least I know have an mp3 player to listen to while I take the bus to work.


  1. Dr. Jim said,

    Congrats on the win, free shit RULES!!!

  2. Neiles said,

    Yeah Zunior and Mike Ullrich rules….I have gotten a lot of Inbreds tunes there!

  3. selsine said,

    Well I’ll be! A playlist to win! Nice one…

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