February 7, 2006

Broken Social Scene on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, 31 January 2006

Posted in mp3, tv performance at 12:24 pm by rgsc

Broken Social Scene took over the Late Night stage last week. I missed it but thanks to YouTube (and Brooklyn Vegan for pointing it out) I was able to catch it from the comfort of my office today at lunch. There might be other mp3s of this floating about but here it is if you missed it elsewhere (via rapidshare update – it’s been reuploaded).

Broken Social Scene, 7/4 (Shorelines) Live on Conan.mp3 (4.16 MB)


  1. Dorepoll said,

    Awesome. The Youtube link is down, so your mirror is just what i need. thanks!

  2. Brian said,

    hey the link isnt working, if you would somehow be able to repost or put it up again anyhow i would be extremely greatful and would forever be in your debt. Really dude, i mean, i got mad live bss but this is one link i cant seem to get anywhere, its killing me!

  3. Please excuse the horribly low quality. I saw the original upload was removed so I decided to share the awesomeness of this video once again.

  4. EDIT: NBC Universal has claimed copyright! I am no longer able to share the awesomeness of their performance. I’ve uploaded it to Vimeo. 🙂

  5. Alex Russell said,

    Would someone upload it to a permanent download site like box.net? Can’t find this video anywhere and, fact of the matter is that if you upload it as a video, it’s going to disappear in a few weeks.

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