February 4, 2006

The New Pornographers, The Triple Door, Seattle (via KEXP), 23 August 2005

Posted in mp3, radio session at 9:39 pm by rgsc

We are only two weeks away from the kick-off of the big Belle & Sebastian and New Pornographers tour. I have given quite a bit of attention to Belle & Sebastian so I thought I should share some New Pornographers with you. This concert at Seattle’s Triple Door was hosted by KEXP just prior to the release of “Twin Cinema”. They played both old favourites as well as newer material. Neko wasn’t there, but Kathryn Calder filled in admirably. You know the drill – All the files are on rapidshare so give the links a click. The complete thing is zipped at the end of the post.


The New Pornographers, The Triple Door, Seattle (Live on KEXP), 23 August 2005.

1. Twin Cinema.mp3 (2.71 MB)

2. Use It.mp3 (3.14 MB)

3. It’s Only Divine Right.mp3 (3.42 MB)

4. The Bleeding Heart Show.mp3 (4.07 MB)

5. Jackie Dressed in Cobras.mp3 (2.88)

6. The Bones of an Idol.mp3 (2.6 MB)

7. Star Bodies.mp3 (3.76 MB)

8. The Slow Descent.mp3 (3.51 MB)

9. Sing Me Spanish Techno.mp3 (3.68 MB)

10. Jackie.mp3 (2.29 MB)

11. New Pornographers KEXP complete.zip (31.6 MB)



  1. Sean said,

    Thanks a lot for this!

  2. scott clayton said,

    Thanks a bunch for this show. I couldn’t get the complete package to unzip, so I downloaded the individual files. It works fine. They’re a little quiet, so I upped the volume.

  3. Tom said,


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