January 31, 2006

New Of Montreal, KEXP, 31 January 2005

Posted in mp3, radio session at 3:51 pm by rgsc

I only have 2 seconds to do this but here is a new song from Of Montreal from KEXP. I will post more on this later but probably not until Monday.

Of Montreal – Suffer for Fashion (new song) from KEXP 31 Jan 2006 (3.36 MB)

Update: Ok, I wanted to get that posted before I had to catch a bus after work (I made the post and the bus – a good day) so I wasn’t able to put any more detail than the above, but I don’t think anyone has seen it yet anyway. So, as For the ‘Records’ reported, Of Montreal were live in the KEXP studios today. They chatted a bit and performed a few songs. This was the first, a new one which is going to appear on their new, partially recorded album (due out January 2007). The album has a title but I missed that. If they said the name of the song I missed that too. I also missed (although recorded) the songs off “The Sunlandic Twins” which they performed. And I left the original file on my work computer (which I will be away from until Monday) so I can’t find out the info and post the other songs. Pretty useless at the moment, aren’t I?

Anyway, KEXP archives its programs for two weeks (the Of Montreal performance started just after noon) so you can check it out later and they usually have their live performances archived as well but they don’t seem to have today’s show up yet (another Of Montreal performance can be streamed here). I will try to get the full thing up next week. If anyone caught the title of this please leave me a comment.

Update 2/3: According to the playlist they played the following songs (with rapidshare links):

Intro (0.5 MB)
1. Suffer for Fashion.mp3 (unreleased) (2.86 MB)
Interview (5.83 MB)
2. Wraith pinned to the mist and other games.mp3 (Sunlandic Twins) (3.79 MB)
3. Cato Play with My Head.mp3 (unreleased) (2.97 MB)
4. Noir Blues.mp3 (unreleased) (4.12 MB)
Outro (1.69 MB)

Complete Of Montreal Live at KEXP.zip (21.1 MB)
The new album slated to be out in January 2007 is titled “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” And I am informed that have a tour EP and a 7″ out and are producing a remix record. For more of Of Montreal see You Ain’t No Picasso’s post of The Covers Show by Of Montreal from January 18 2002 (although, being realistic, I am sure you if you found this you probably already read YANP).



  1. David said,

    Hey, is there anyway for non ‘premium’ share users to get these files?

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey David,
    Yup – anyone should be able to access the files. Click on the link, then rapidshare will come up. Scroll down – there are two columns. On the right is a “Free” button. Hit that and you will have to wait 30 seconds or something, then put in a code and then you can download it (man, typing that out makes it sound pretty complicated, it isn’t). It is a pain in the ass, I know, but i am hoping to set myself up some server space soon.

    If you still have a problem accessing anything leave comment and an email addresss and I can use yousendit to send you the files directly.

  3. Rich said,

    THANKS!!! I had no idea you posted this a few days ago. Pleased as punch to see it’s up already. Woohoo.

  4. rgsc said,

    You are most welcome, Rich. They just put the show up on the KEXP archive so a better quality rip might be able to be made than this (although this is by no means bad in my opinion). And thanks in advance for the Atlanta show which someone happened to email me about this weekend asking me if I knew how they might go about finding it. I emailed them and said to check out your site in the near future.

  5. breathmint said,

    Fun Fact:

    I just bought the Voltaic Crusher 7″ and found “Hissing Fauna” etched into the title side, and “are you the destroyer” etched into the b side. :]

  6. rgsc said,

    that is supercool. i love it when artists add a little something in the design of their albums.

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  8. sheila said,

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