January 17, 2006

Belle and Sebastian on BBC1’s Vic Galloway in Scotland 12 January 2005

Posted in mp3, radio session at 8:48 am by rgsc

I just changed my header to say that this site will be updated on Sundays but from time to time I will update mid-weekly. I just couldn’t wait for this one. Thanks to the ever-aware For the ‘Records’, for being…uh…ever aware and pointing this Belle & Sebastian session with Vic Galloway out. I love the “ba da ba dada,” handclaps, and whatever that woodwind is on ‘Mr. Richard’.

I am very, very excited for their tour with the New Pornographers in Toronto – I’ve got my tickets, have you got yours? They haven’t sold out yet but I expect they will – so you can look forward to a few posts on both these bands as we get closer to February 25th (and hopefully some afterwards as well). Anyway, here is Belle & Sebastian on the Beeb. (all files are on rapidshare so just follow the links).


Belle and Sebastian, Vic Galloway in Scotland, BBC Radio 1, 12 January 2005

1. Intro.mp3 (1.2MB)

2. Sukie in the Graveyard.mp3 (2.73MB)

3. Tour and Recording talk.mp3 (3.06MB)

4. Mr. Richard.mp3 (2.24 MB)

5. The Life Pursuit and lyrics talk.mp3 (2.37 MB)


  1. mike said,

    Thanks for the ripping the session to mp3! I don’t remember being overly impressed with the acoustic songs, but I’ll give ’em another listen. I’m still excited for the Toronto show though.

  2. rgsc said,

    No problem, thanks for alerting me to them. I enjoyed the set – more immediate feeling than the album version but it certainly is lacking the organ. I guess both versions have something to offer. After not listening to them for a while, I am sort of rediscovering B&S and can’t really remember now why I put their albums down for so long.

  3. Neiles said,

    Hey thanks for the B&S Mp3`s…Are you going to see them with The New Pornographers @ The Docks?

  4. Neiles said,

    Sorry I know your going to the show…what I meant to ask is are you going to be taping it?

  5. rgsc said,

    IHey Neiles, ’twas my pleasure. I’m gonna give taping the NP/B&S show a shot – although my luck hasn’t been perfect as of late (for example I screwed up taping the Stars show I went to in December and only got half of a Sarah Harmer concert, but i did get all of Eliott Brood last week which I will post sometime in the not-to-distant future) but here’s hoping it all goes well.

  6. Rachel said,

    Hi! I’ve just come across your site but the links in this post don’t work anymore, any chance you might be able to upload the bootlegs again? I would love to hear them.

    Thanks xx

  7. rgsc said,

    Sorry it took me so long to get this to you. It took me a bit to find the files again (and then I sorta forgot about it). Here are the files. I hope you enjoy.

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