January 7, 2006

Decemberists, Phoenix Club, Toronto, 13 October 2005

Posted in bootleg, mp3 at 3:47 pm by rgsc

photos from kstashuk

While I didn’t exactly anticipate that I would post first about the Decemberists show at the Phoenix this past October, that is what I happened to have ready so here it is.A few things to note. First, I don’t have any server space at this time so they are all posted on Rapidshare, so you can’t just right click on them and save: you have to follow the links. Sorry about that. If anyone out there wants to host any or all of these files, knock yourself out (I would appreciate you leaving a comment). Second, they were recorded in analog so that means there is some tape hiss. I couldn’t get rid of it but by and large I think the sound is pretty good. Third, I posted each song individually with the exception of the two solos that Colin performed – “Tristan and Isolde” and “I Don’t Mind” (with thanks to the posters on the Decemberists Message board for help with the songtitles) – and the banter between songs. For the full and complete experience, including talk and what I did get of the two solos, you can download the complete thing in a zipfile. Lastly, I missed the very, very end of the show – literally the last three seconds of “The Chimbley Sweep” where after we all sat on the ground very quietly we jumped up, sang the chorus one more time and the crowd went mental. You’ll have to use your imagination. That’s it. I hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment if you have any problems, suggestions, etc.


Update – songs re-posted

The Decemberists at the Phoenix Club, Toronto, 13 October 2005

1.California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade.mp3 (10.3 MB)
2. July! July!mp3 (3.34 MB)
3. talk.mp3
4. Los Angeles, I’m Yours.mp3 (4.04 MB)
5. talk – Petra high fives the front row.mp3
6. 16 Military Wives (3.45 MB)

7. talk – someone throws an email.mp3
8. Engine Driver.mp3 (3.94 MB)

9. Bagman’s Gambit.mp3 (6.87 MB)
10. We Both Go Down Together.mp3 (3.02 MB)
11. Colin asks for requests.mp3

12. Tristan and Iseult (missing last verse).mp3
13. I Dont Mind (Missing first two verses).mp3
14. Here I Dreamt I was an Architect.mp3 (4 MB)
15. talk – ties, ninjas & Petra highfives the front row a second time.mp3
16. The Legionnaire’s Lament.mp3 (3.84 MB)

17. A Cautionary Song.mp3 (3.69 MB)
18. talk – Special effects (Mariners Intro).mp3
19. Mariner’s Revenge Song.mp3 (8.24 MB)

20. Mr Blue Sky (ELO cover).mp3 [encore](4 MB)
21. The Chimbley Sweep.mp3 [encore] (10.8 MB)

14. Decemberists at the Phoenix, Toronto, Oct 2005 [complete] (73.3 MB)


  1. Chris Neiles said,

    Hey man awesome post…I`m really diggin there new album Picaresque…and I think that the Phoenix is one of the best places to see music…keep up the good work..CN

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Yeah, I really am into Picaresque, too (Also loving their earlier stuff). So damn good. Really great live, too. This was the first time I had been to the Phoenix and was quite pleased with it. When I go to see shows in Toronto it is usually at Lee’s Palace which i must say I can’t stand and wouldn’t go there except for the fact that the bands they get are just too good to pass up on account of the surley bartenders. And thanks for posting the Pedro the Lions songs on your site – I haven’t heard much of their stuff but have been reading about the breakup. Another case of getting into a band just as they selfdestruct, I guess.

  3. Paul said,

    the downoads are down 😦 any way to get them back up, and then maybe to contact me please?


  4. dani said,

    can you fix the downloads?


  5. dani said,

    oh sorry… it’s working!

  6. Nudd said,

    This is supremely late, but I was seeking out a recent bootleg recording of the 2006 show when I came across your former offering of the 2005 show which I completely missed (damn, they played Mariner’s Revenge Song)… I was wonderring if there was any possibility of you offering this through torrent or if you could send it to me in some electronic manner. You would rock more than one of my socks.


  7. rgsc said,

    Alrighty-roo there Nudd. Links re-posted. Quality isn’t fantastic but it is enjoyable, methinks.

  8. Ognjen said,

    too bad links are down, i’m really begining to dig this band…

  9. CamTwesewew said,

    how to add your blog to rss reader, I have some troubles…

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